What is the best way to apply a transform matrix to a mesh?

I have been starting to use xr features and have noticed that there is a transformationMatrix specified as an argument for a IWebXRPlane. If you construct a mesh using the IWebXRPlane polygone definition, what is the correct way to apply the transform to the mesh?

Also, if you already have a mesh and want to apply a transform matrix, what is the best way to do so?


Adding our friend @RaananW who will definitely be able to help in the Europe morning.

Sorry I can not help more directly but he will definitely by the right person to answer it.

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The plane objects are delivered by webxr itself, so constructing them yourself won’t work as you might expect. When a plane is detected Babylon will create the object for you and you will be able to use it. How? I always prefer to see code:

Line 144 will show you how to deconstruct the matrix to fit your object.

I hope this helps!