Why is caching automatically?

  1. When you load a model, the model is cached when the default reload is performed.
    What’s the reason? Are there any conditions for caching?
    I have three models: 72MB, 52MB, and 23.7MB, but 23.7MB (M02_gltf).glb)Only models are cached…
  2. I also want to cache large glb models (72MB, 52MB)
  3. I heard that caching GLB files using IndexedDB is incomplete, does that mean caching is impossible?

Please understand that PG cannot be made because the model is a security issue…
M02 Code

Different code

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I am totally unsure what you mean :slight_smile: about 1. Caching is happening in the browser and 1 part for context lost but does not allow offline and so on.

About 2 and 3 you could implement your own service worker layer ?

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