[WIP] Multiplayer Online Tycoon

Hey! This is my second game. It based on my previous game Village Craft.

My tools: BabylonJS + React + Colyseus + Bun + PostgreSQL + TypeScript.


The gameplay is simple - get money from your chest and spend it to build new buildings, to gain more money from the chest, to build …


I already have a basic combat system to earn exp. points.


You can buy Clothes, Weapons and Pets. I need to get some lvl to unlock new items.

Currently I’m working on a level design.

Will share a public link soon!


This looks great!

I see you’re using Colyseus. I am curious as to what are the performance benchmarks are? How many players/connections and at what tick rate? I know it has a Bun transport extension now, and was thinking of trying it.

I am also using Bun for my game too, but I built a custom implementation with vanilla websockets and SQLite (I figured I would do a custom implementation so I can run Babylon in headless mode).

Thank you!

I known several projects with 2k+ connections. I think it’s more about a gameplay type, features etc. For my room-based game with up to 5-6 people it should work perfectly.

I use Bun mostly because of DX. You don’t need to use any transpilers, build steps etc. Just Bun.

I wanted to go this way too, but I’m too busy with game’s features, so I decided to use ready-to-go solution.

This looks ultra cool !!!

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Can’t agree more!

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