[WIP] Open Worlds App

Hi guys,

So I decided to start sharing my progress on the app I’m working on in my spare time. The goal is huuuuge - to make an MMORPG that runs in the browser and where players can create their own models + skins and use them in the game. Some things are possible as I’ve tested them already. But I know nothing at all about writing MMOs :rofl::rofl::rofl: So… I don’t know how it’ll turn out.

This project is a continuation of a hackathon I took a part in recently. Here is the post of the hackathon submission, but I decided to create a new topic for WIP - Work In Progress. Some things were working, some not. Now I’m trying to build everything from scratch using TypeScript, to gain some skills… So maybe, just maybe, one day I might get a job as a developer - currently I work as a 3D Artist.

But thanks to my experience in 3D at least I know how to prepare all the assets and how to do the look development. However I’m planning to mostly use bought assets. I got some from Unity Asset Store earlier this week.

So here’s my first update:

  • proper character
  • proper starting screen
  • imported all animations (unity > blender > mixamo > blender again > babylon app)
  • blended animations (‘combo’ animation)

TODOS (for the next week):

  • add at least 3 more characters
  • have different ground for each character
  • play some ‘combo’ animation when the player picks a different character.
  • add some description about: race/class/specs


Super cool to see this project going on! I’ll be waiting for each update with excitement :smiley:


Leeeeeeeeeeroy jenkins



So I was on vacation all week but I managed to do a little work. Also I got a new, very interesting job and it looks like starting next month I will have much more time to work on this project! I’m sooo excited!

So here’s the small update:

  • added 3 more characters
  • character animations are played when you switch the character
  • a bit different enviro per character
  • some description about characters

TODOS (for the next week):

  • create button creates the character and puts it into the game scene
  • figure out character movement (with animations)

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