Wrapping text on a 3d gui

I was looking through the 3d gui object, but didn’t find a method for this; is there a way to wrap text on the gui? e.g. if I want the text to be a long line, etc. I basically want to have a lot of control over that text, change its size, e.g., is there somewhere in the documentation that points to this kind of control/

I don’t think there’s a text control in the 3D gui. There is one in the 2D GUI, though (TextBlock).

Hey @saitogroup,

Do you know this approach for using text on scene?

Look at line 399 that it uses \n to change line!


I was using meshwriter before, and I guess I think I should probably go back to using it; thanks for reminding me. I probably need to write on objects in complex ways, so I should just get with the program, lol.

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actually I think I need to use this:

and I think I need to figure out how to wrap text correctly using this:

wish there was an example somewhere lol… the example shows you how to fit words to a plane but not wrap it

I refound my old thread where I think I solved this in the past with some help: Text in 3D/VR advice, thoughts (design and code) - #6 by saitogroup