Youtube Flyers/Pilots Videos List

Hi gang!

This is a (WIP) “list” of many folks who go flying… with cameras attached to their aircraft.

It’s a good place to waste time looking out the windows of airplanes… without all that cost and air-sickness. “Just Plane Silly” is one of my faves… more comedy than actual flying. Aviation 101 is one of the more “safety-minded” and teachy flyers. (lives near Just Plane Silly “Bryan” in Texas… they are friends).

Other honorable mentions… Matt Guthmiller, CitationMax, Steve-01Kinevo, Premier1Driver, Swayne Martin, Dutch Pilot Girl, lots more. MANY videos - pilot views, passenger views, cockpit teachings, etc.

AND… take that top link… to Reagan Airport with ATC and live chat… 24/7. 5 live airport cams at Reagan field and free live chat at each cam (guests allowed?)

Not busy chat, either. I tend to visit cam 4 live chat fairly often. We could EASILY “commandeer” cam 4 live chat window… for all-Babylon users… if wanted. There are many “live now” chats on youtube… but Reagan airport cams are some of the least used and most tolerant of off-topic. I may visit cam 1 or cam 4 tonight… and camp the live-chat for awhile.

In fact… I’m going to cam 4 right now. It has a sweet view of “The Capital Wheel” after dark… purrrrdy. Chat me there, as wanted.

All aviation stuff. Us poor folk don’t get to fly very often/ever. Youtube flyers are the cheapest way to get into the air… and see some great sights, and have some back-country or airliner adventures. Hours of video-touring fun for shelter-in-place times. Enjoy.