2 Value Bar Images on one Slider

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Can we have two Value Bar images on one Slider.
I am using ImageBasedSlider for Video Scrubber where i am using ValueBar for Showing the progress of the video. Now i want to show the Buffered values on the same slider.

Any suggestion for this ?

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Hello and welcome to the Babylon community! :smile:
Unfortunately that’s not supported right now :frowning:

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Well, I guess as a workaround, you can still create two sliders inside a container with a top of zero for both and no height for the container. By making one or the other !isVisible, the visible container will show in place while the other will be hidden.

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Edit1: Actually I did just read your post again and there’s another option. With a bit of twisting, you could display both sliders on top of each other and remove the value of the progress from the buffered values. I’m pretty sure this is something you could achieve without all too much effort. And then, providing the top slider valueBar for the progress would be opaque, you wouldn’t even need to remove the progress from the buffered values since it would be hidden by the progress value bar.

Edit2: Quickly did this to illustrate and use as a base. Hope this helps,

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Thank you for the welcome and Answers !!

I will try these and let you know… Even i thought the same…
Thanks Again !

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