2D custom-shaped rectangle

Hi everyone.
I just coded a custom-shaped figure by means of html&css and want to implement it with babylon gui, is it possible or should I import an image of it in my project?

I could see something like this being made as part of a 3D GUI but for a 2D GUI, I feel like you’d need to make some kind of image but I’m not 100% sure. @RaananW or @carolhmj, would either of you be able to confirm this?

Thanks for the attention, let’s wait for these guys, otherwise I’ll use 3D object of it or an image depending on my structure demands. :heart:

2D GUI is inspired by CSS but doesn’t have everything that CSS does, so you’d need to make an image indeed. Maybe using rasterizeHTML.js by cburgmer ?


Thank you, I’ll definitely try it later :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We’ll get there eventually. After all, anyone remembers what css was back in 2K :wink: