2d gui button can not be clicked, no response

My 2d GUI button has no response to click action. I created many gui and suddenly some button does not respond to click operation. The problem is that it’s difficult to tell which gui cause the problem. I think the invalid button should be covered with some other gui, but I can not quickly tell which one it is.,beacuse I create many transparent rectangle which servers as gui panel. So is there a fast way to solve this problem?
Here is the GUI id: EUWHJ6#42

Ok, I find the Rectangle by not set all Rectangles totally transparent. But the new problem is , I’ve already set the Rectangle.isPointerBlocker = false, how could it still block other button’s response
As in the image above, the “UI In Own Scene Normal Node” is the one that will block the buttons in other Rectangles.

Problem is it’s hard to debug like that, without the script.
The one thing I could already recommend is that for each ADT tab/screen you would create a root container/rectangle and push it 100% offset to the right or left, so to be able to see them all at once (not with each covering the other). I would remove the root you currently have and have each view within its own root container. Then, in your script, you push the view you want to left = 0 and make the others not visible.


Good advice, thanks