Problem GUI in front of Mesh

Hey @all:
actually I experience a strange behaviour with my GUI - I created a Gui with some Buttons in the Front of my Scene. So Far everything works fine, BUT i have some clickable Meshes in my Scene, and If the User clicks on a GUI Button, that is in Front of such a Mesh, Babylon seems to trigger a click on the mesh instead of a click on the GUI. :slight_smile:

Any Suggestions or a known workaround out there?
Thanks in Advance.

myButton.isPointerBlocker = true; seems not to change anything :slight_smile: just in case somebody would suggest.

Ok, so actually I had to perform a little magic by myself. I introduced a mouseblockvalue that is set to null when my advancedTexture is created. If I move on my Button Button.onPointerEnterObservable sets it to 1, onPointerOutObservable resets it to null. In my Mesh.reactToClick() Method I just use this a a switch - souce code for mesh action is just executed if mouseblockvalue == null :slight_smile:

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Hey! Iā€™m glad you found a way but maybe you could share a repro in the playground just to be sure there is no out of the box solution :slight_smile: (or this is not a bug as well)