2nd Babylon.js recipe book from Japan

Hi BJS lovers!
Let me share today’s a large event in Japan.
A technical book showcase event was held in Japan today. Around 2,000 attendees and 300 group participated the event.
BJS community members in Japan had a booth and sold our book regarding Babylon.js. We could sell out all of them!

If OK, I’m glad you read my brief report.

LimesさんはTwitterを使っています: 「Several members in BJS community Japan attended a large technical books showcase event today and successfully finished! Let me share brief report regarding the event. #BabylonJS https://t.co/57ZG7GkVtj」 / Twitter

An event report of selling 2nd Babylon.js recipe book on a technical books showcase - CrossRoad (crossroad-tech.com)


I love Japan!
I hope to come back some day :vulcan_salute: :vulcan_salute: :vulcan_salute:

Greetings from Marbella :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face:


Thanks for your comment! Stay tuned!!

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Wonderful! How can I get this book from Europe?

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Great thanks!!!

If you like, you can access the site below and purchase it by Amazon pay, Link, or PayPal.

Babylon.js レシピ集 Vol.2:Babylon.js 勉強会 (techbookfest.org)

All contents are written in English but you can easily what we wrote on source code and screenshots :slight_smile:

“電子版” means e-book. "

The book is 500 JPN. It is almost equal to 3.35 euro.

This is so cool! I saw some of cx20’s tweets but since I can’t read japanese I didn’t know the context very well :sweat_smile: I love the mascot character on the cover!


I’m trying to plan my first trip to there with some friends and I’m so excited :sweat_smile: Japan has a ton of amazing places I dream to visit haha

The picture on the cover is lovely. The picture was drawn by chomado.

Below is a simulation of a booth created with Babylon.js and the actual booth.
I think it went better than expected.

At the venue, the above Playground was demonstrated on a tablet and was well received.


Oh my gosh!! I love this community!!!


Gosh! I feel dumb but I was not able to log in. I used my github account but the site does not le me in

Thanks I thanks to Google translate, I found how to create an account:)

I think I ordered my copy:)


If you decide to come to Japan, please notify me. I’ll introduce JP community!!

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Thanks for purchasing!!! It is a time to write English version…? :smile:

Gosh! YESSS!

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