3rd Babylon.js Recipe book from Japan

Hi BJS lovers!

Let me share today’s a large event in Japan.

Here is a screenshot in the venue.
Xユーザーの技術書典 公式アカウントさん: 「#技術書典 オフライン会場、開場いたしました!会場内はゆっくりとお進みください。 https://t.co/2XoWE6RAGP https://t.co/GopqzXAgjn」 / X (twitter.com)

A technical book showcase event was held in Japan today. Around 2,200 attendees and 300 group participated the event. (The same event in May on the following post)

2nd Babylon.js recipe book from Japan - Off topic - Babylon.js (babylonjs.com)

BJS community members in Japan had a booth and sold our book regarding Babylon.js as “Babylon.js recipe book Vol.3”.
The book conatins Havok utilization (with domino effect sample code), how to show total eclipse on Babylon.js, 3D based presentation methods, how to show real city 3D model with lat/lon data mapping, and so on.

Some attendees didn’t know BJS at all. As the results of our explanation, they started to have interest and surpised in it because they didn’t know how BJS can do. Finally some of them purchased :slight_smile:

We could sold 63 books within a day.

We plan to contribute for BJS communities.

Appendix: You can see the 3rd book in it but sorry in Japanese.
Babylon.js レシピ集 Vol.3:Babylon.js 勉強会 (techbookfest.org)


GO JAPAN! I think I already stated here that you Guys are doing an amazing contribution. Did I ? :thinking: Yes, I did :grin: Doesn’t matter, let me say it again. You Guys rock :guitar: :metal:


I introduced the book together with Limes2018.
The photo is an excerpt from today’s scene.


Stay tuned from Japan!!

sure will do :child: :grin:
Meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses:

Edit: Let me cc @PirateJC . I wanna make sure the Team is aware of all your efforts and success :smiley:

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Great thanks!! > @mawa

@Limes2018 this is INCREDIBLE news! It’s amazing to see how much the Babylon.js community in Japan is growing and thriving!

Thank you for what you’re doing to help grow the community there! Please let us know if we can help support you in any way!

Super impressed and excited by this!



I’m very glad to hear that!
I plan to have a small meetup in Japan a few month later.
If you or some great contibutors have a short presentation via online, it would be wonderful.

Coming to Japan is also welcome. :grin:

(Again, Of course it is that if you can save your time)