3d design agency ready to help with your webgl/3d project (Europe based)

Hello everyone!

I own an in-house 3d design agency based in Serbia (Europe) and beside 3d animation and models works we recently started working on various interactive babylonjs webgl projects and configurators such is gucci.quincemedia.com etc…

If you need a hand with your project (be that 3d model, video or full webgl app) feel free to head over to our website or contact us on contact@quincemedia.com and we will gladly get back to you.

Djordje (George) Komljenovic / Owner and Creative Director / Quince Creative


Hi and welcome to the Community,

Just between you and me (shh, I won’t tell anyone :grin:) did Gucci really accept the animated logo on the loading screen? I’m asking because I never manage to get these sort of things through the validation process :grin: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: It’s a WIP, is it? Else, the start looks quite good, may be with some improvements on the materials to come, yes?

Well, I hope you’ll meet with your future clients to create more exciting experiences using BJS. Feel free to come here anytime with your questions and don’t forget to share more of your expertise and projects with us.

Meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses:

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Hello Mawa. Thank you.

This was project from last year that my colleagues worked on. Not sure if it was gone public at all. We have dozen od different project in between but this one is most appealing to show and most interesting. Rest are some 3d configurators etc…

I hope to have more interesting stuff to show soon.

Have a great day yourself!


Very good job sir!

I have seen that in this project you have used the technique of linking the animation to the main scroll.
A few days ago I shared a demo project based on this technique, with the possibility of doing it in steps or sequentially.
I share the post here since I make the source code available, of course improvements and optimizations will be welcome: