Promo page with scroll 3D Animation

We’ve built a website for our company with animation on scroll. The main goal of the website is to showcase how cool website can look nowadays and briefly present the products that we’ve made for the industry.

Tech stack:

  • Babylon 5
  • Vue 3
  • GSAP
  • Blender for gltf

What do you think about it?


Nice, smooth and well thought animations!

A small typo: should be ‘passengers’ instead of ‘passangers’.

Glad to hear you feedback and thank you for proofreading :slight_smile: The typo is fixed.

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As a design idea… The grey is pretty depressing.
A white design or a different color instead of a non-colour would make it more happy(?).

An automatic scrolling to play the animation maybe and hints for the ppl to also be able to use cursor keys, or other input, not just the scroll wheel?

But is feels very nice, scratching back and forth!

Well done.

This is great !!! I love the style.

cc @PirateJC to do your thing :slight_smile:

And with that, you just made @Deltakosh 's day! LOL

@Ivan_Aleksandrovich this is fantastic work! Are you on twitter?



Thank you so much for your feedback. Why is it so special for @Deltakosh?

Because he is ‘special’ (but don’t tell him :wink: Best is to keep it like this :grinning:

This is a very nice website and use of the BJS tech. My only comment would be to make the top menu a bit more ‘readable’ (may be with a gray bg on buttons). After all, you want to sell your services, don’t you?
Again, a great piece of art and tech. Congrats :heart_eyes:

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I love this :rofl:

Super cool showcase! I really like the bold typography here :slight_smile:

One feedback I’d have is that the colors changing on the fonts area can get a bit distracting:

Maybe a black shadow color instead to guarantee readability?

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I fought with the designer over this and he won. Let it be beautiful, bold, sometimes unreadable text. Looks cool though. The feeling here is more important than the words.

Never let a designer win when it comes to communication :wink: And I’m saying this while being…well, essentially a designer. But also a PM and coordinator. The PM always has the last word on it. Expressed like this, I should may be see someone to discuss my issue with multiple personalities :thinking: :crazy_face:


Because I name Babylon.js like that as a tribute to Babylon5 the Tv show :wink:

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This promo page kept me interest and engaged to the end @Ivan_Aleksandrovich. Great camera movement and points of interest with information panels and animation. And that the user can scroll forward and back at their leisure was a great way to give some control to the viewer so that they feel even more apart of the interaction.