3d GUI SpherePanel - Change the layout direction

Hello, I’m working with a SpherePanel to load some data. The default behavior seems to be to insert objects from the top / right. Is there away to have the panel lay out it’s objects from the top / left?

See this playground for an example. You can see that the numbers start from the top with the “first” value all of the way to the right.

Hi radicalappdev,

Welcome to Babylon! I don’t know of support for what you’re talking about that’s built into SpherePanel right now, unfortunately. The behavior in question is coming from this function, and specifically from line 64, so to add real support for this that file would need to be modified. If this is something you need on a more lasting basis, making such a change is the path I’d recommend. However, if you just need an immediate quick fix, we can abuse JavaScript a little to make the change to the behavior inline. :wink: Does this have the effect you’re looking for?


Hope this helps, and best of luck!

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Thanks! Your solution works well for what I’m trying to do. :smiley: