[gui] how align 3D(Button or StackPanel) Object?

I want how like a verticalAlignment.

Ultimately, I want to place the cube in the corner of the screen.
And asked how parsing (vector2 -> vector3). but this is no clear yet.

So, possible align 3D Object, this like a verticalAlignment?
I didn’t found an example.

Please help me. Thank you!

Hey! We may need more info. What about creating a PG with a repro of where you are and then we can all work on improving it?


This is with @jerome & @JohnK

This is reason to try that convert V2 to V3.


If you are using an ORTHOGRAPHIC_CAMERA and you want a GUI then perhaps it would be better to use the 2D GUI. Much easier to place a stack panel where you want Use the Babylon GUI - Babylon.js Documentation

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I want align 3D object by left order.

But, cleared ultimately goal. https://forum.babylonjs.com/t/parse-convert-tovector3-by-reference-to-canvas-or-viewport/3970/12

And playground :

Thank you!