3d modeler expert Babylon

We are a company that uses glb models and babylon to deliver a web based solution for our clients in the Real Estate. We normally work with building models.

We need a 3D modeler on an ongoing per project basis to optimize 3ds max models (or others) provided by our clients, prepare and export them to the required format. We do this by:

  • Removing unnecessary objects - mainly in interior, fixing model errors, and similar.
  • Importing a very basic environment from the location of the building.
  • Reading architectural keyplans in order to name all of the windows belong to a suite with that suites numbers. (If you don’t have experience with this, don’t worry, it’s quite simple).
  • Baking the shadows and textures.
  • Instancing elements as a final touch.
  • Converting to glb with compression (draco, though I believe any would work).

The result is a 5 - 25 MB model, depending on it’s size and complexity. This is for web use so it is important we keep the size smallest possible while maintaining (or improving) on the current quality.

If you feel like you can execute at least 75% of such a project but also have the will to learn, send a message and I’ll share more concrete examples after we start the on boarding process.

Thank you so much!


I have interest an sended an PM with my portfolio.

Thanks and regards