3d pathfinding / flying ai

Hey again board,

just want to check up if any of you had experience with 3d pathfinding / flying AI.

I am about to create some flying AI space ships and I can’t find any good ressources for javascript/babylon. There is a free plugin for Unreal engine, but that doesn’t help me :slight_smile:

Does someone knows a starting point or does someone has an idea how to start?

Thank you!

Hi @Alex
3D pathfinding? that not only sounds complicated, but i bet pretty compute heavy aswell.
I’d suggest making a waypoint system or something :slight_smile:


I didn’t try them. I know only that they exist :sweat_smile:

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Just for sharing, on reddit someone helped me with some pseudo code and I managed to make a waypoint flying object which rotates it’s nose correctly:


This may also be of interest and you could use an invisible track A Carriage Following a Track - Babylon.js Documentation