3dev.io website


showcase site made in babylon.
I’m about to finish, please let me know what you think. Any feedback will be appreciated :slight_smile:

Regards and thanks!


excellent! @PirateJC

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Looks very clean, polished and works perfectly. A very good site BG. A sense of poetry with maths, yes?:slight_smile:
The thin lines system also renders beautifully. I love it.


@Martinez Woot this is rad! It’s so clean looking and memorizing.

With your permission, I’d love to add this to our community webpage when you feel like it’s ready to show off.

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Very nice. I almost left without scrolling, though.

I’m on desktop and tried to drag to rotate or move the particles. Maybe dragging could make the page scroll like it would on mobile.



Thank you!, guys:)

@PirateJC whenever you want, I will be honored :slight_smile:

… I love it.

Feature request: on mouse move a slight move of the surrounding points would give a feeling of life or a promise of an intelligence with a bit of decent lightnings simulating thinking…

@Necips I like the idea,

need to figure out how to cast the cursor 2D position to 3D space, (not even technically but in terms of expected effect)

This should be live on the community site in the next 20 mins or so

I think the param Vector3 would be the Cameras forward.

Depending on how your scene is setup you then would want to negate prolly one of the Axes and then see which particles are within a certain range of the Vector2 you come up with then grab the one with the closest distance to the camera?

Just a quick idea, and it might not work depending on your setup.

yes, I agree. Love this idea (shouldn’t be too hard to implement;)

very elegant; I love it

what I wonder is-- is there a way to incorporate a work preview into this elegant system? I can’t think of one, but as a ‘client’ as I scroll into the 3d space, I’d want to see some examples to know what I was getting myself into - you might be able to get away with something with transparency idk

this site vaguely reminds me of this site: https://ayumu-nagamatsu.com/
very different, but also elegant in its own way

I used to collect 3d websites, but I can’t find my collection now :frowning:

also lol I actually do want to see examples of the work now, so in that way the website worked haha

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You’re right and I’m aware of it.
The point is, that we are working on content, and it will take a couple of weeks to have it ready,(blog, folio)
So …now this is, as a site, kind of a placeholder that will evolve to something else- more like a standard, informative, webpage. Anyway, I’m going to preserve the effect itself, somehow :wink:

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Its dope plz post when you get the other stuff up 2

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definitely will do:)

Just viewed it on mobile. You should make the text larger.

I know, it’s on my list,
anyway mobile it’s a pain, I’m struggling to keep the desktop experience,

Yes, I understand that. And for whatever like mouse/pointer or camera interaction you’ll need to keep the effect soft (and sometimes nearly unnoticed). Yet, a slight displacement on camera/move action would be a real cool “nice to have” effect, wouldn’t it? :wink:

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I cannot agree more. The only way I found to keep the ‘desktop XP’ was to find the best ‘compromise’ and handle the ‘must have’ parts for each. Did you say painful?:wink:

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If you are looking for a “thinking mind” shader… this is an example of mine representing my mind during coding :smiley: - GLSL Sandbox