3Dchan online image board

Hello I would like to present you my project.
It’s an immersive online art gallery on the theme of Dante’s hell.

There are 9 levels for the 9 circles of hell, the first level being a haunted house.

After that I would like to develop the universe, but I don’t manage 3D creation yet, that’s why the world is a bit poor.

Being a backend developer I managed with algorythms to create the rooms and the corridors, making the multiplayer server was not a big problem either.

the image uploads are synchronized for all players and each image can contain a subthread like the famous imageboards on the web.

and here is the link if you want to have a look: 3dchan.org

Have a nice day.


Why is for aged 18 or above only? I didn’t see anything a 10y old did not already see in games or on the web :grin:
Jokes apart, a good effort already. I’m eager to see how you will build up the 8 other levels. I can tell because I’m also in the making of something similar (read a gallery, actually a museum). The backend sure looks better than mine (since I’m a designer, not a dev :wink:)
On the design side, I would may be recommend that the artwork on display would be of a better resolution.

Thanks for your feedback,
it’s reserved for 18+ because the posts are anonymous and I can’t moderate in real time, so it’s a protection.

The other levels are already available, just click on the elevator button of Dante.

For the resolution: I display many images per level and I do a post upload treatment to lighten them

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Oh, now I get it. Then may be a little title like ‘Select level’ would help with this understanding. Just a simple suggestion.

After months of development and improvement I am pleased to announce the release of 3Dchan v2.0
The levels have completely changed.
I’ve included a lot more gamification to make the virtual chan board a bit more interesting and it’s still multiplayer in real time.

Instead of the full screen button, you can add a touch handler to the document.



It will also not be difficult to add a touch handler to the buttons. It is not convenient to manage with clicks