3D Art Gallery Project

here’s the second project that I would to share with u guys, this project about an art gallery the content of 6 individual rooms with a Main Hall, on each room there’s a category of arts outstanding on the walls that u can interact with beside of animated characters , sounds, etc
and u can have a full virtual tour and navigate through them.

One of the challenges that I have faced is how to deal with large size of assets (especially with 6 rooms) and make it load as fast as possible, so I used partial loading for each room

Enjoy the Demo


This is pretty :slight_smile:

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This is great. I liked the beats as well.

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I’m really loving the different moods in each room. They fit perfectly!

P.S Keeping the music playing while transitioning from one space to next and makes the loading “feel” faster. Distracts the user. :wink:

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@PirateJC is it suitable for the community page?

@Karim_Mohammed - Absolutely!!! This is super fun. I really like the look of the avatars/characters. Very fun art style!

Added! This should be live in a couple minutes! Cheers!

thanks, much appreciated


Can you please share GitHub of this project to learn how you have created it.


hello sireesh
actually i can’t share project repo cuz it has some Copyrights
but please inbox me with ur questions and i will help with all what u need

Translation software:

It’s a cool project. It’s similar to what we do

However, the default operation of the mobile terminal of this project is using the Babylon current scheme, and the experience is very bad.

Have you considered other alternatives? I am looking for

What do you not like about the experience ?