3DMax babylon exporter - spline's not being exported


Our 3D designer added 2 splines, 1 as mesh and 1 as a spline to a 3D model and exported using the babylon exporter to GLB, however the splines do not appear to be exporting.

Any ideas?

I want to make camera paths and look at paths via splines the designer creates so when the end client changes things (which they always do), I don’t have to go in and modify a spline by hand and reload every change I make and test, so I can leave it at the design stage, rather than the dev stage.



I am not sure if splines are supported or not in the exporter. @Guillaume_Pelletier can confirm ?

Hey guy’s, Spline is not supported yet, if anyone willing to make a PR, you’re very welcome.
this is an old feature request

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Well it’s either that or I manually create them via something like what threejs can do, threejs spline editor or even use that example from threejs to setup splines in the glb and bring the coordinates etc over to babylon.

Hi/ I have 2 maxscripts for you
1)Get selected spline points as array

spl = selection[1]
for s = 1 to (numsplines spl) do
for k = 1 to (numknots spl s) do (format “%%\n” (getKnotPoint spl s k)(","))

2)Get selected poly mesh points as array

sv = for i in $.selectedVerts do
format “%%% %% %%\n” ("[")(i.pos.x) (",") (i.pos.y) (",") (i.pos.z)("],")


1)Save this code as maxscript(*.ms) and open in max script tab scripting->open script
2)select points and evaluate script
3)copy and paste points array in something like JSON file and save
4)Load file with engine and use engine bezier curves

same usage for poly mesh points


Nice 1! :+1:
Will give that to our 3D Max guy.

Hiii ! thank for all this great information !!
I got a bug with the script :slight_smile:
Idk what i do wrong i’m on max 2022 i will deep into soon :slight_smile:

Sorry i dont have 2022 and scripts tested and working in 2021
but i see problem with quotes in my code there in format “%%\n” but you need use simple quotes программа для Web - скриншотов

Maybe some broke when i copypaste code/ So try again with this script or simply change quotes in your script

MS.zip (538 Bytes)

Bad quotes программа для Web - скриншотов
Good qoutes программа для Web - скриншотов

PS this forum breaks my quotes)))

@kvasss This is coool !!!

I think it’s forum, it seems convert quotes to the 66 and 99 thingies…

But if you use code blocks I don’t think they get converted.

3 of the ` to start a code block
and then another 3 ` to end the code block

test 1 "
test 2 '

do not care about the forum. does the code work?