3rd Person Move + Rotate with imported .GLB mesh

If you check out the demo, you’ll see that this works perfectly with a demo cube mesh.

But when I replace the cube mesh with an imported mesh from a .GLB file, movement becomes, strange. This code is commented out, so you can easily swap in/out and see the difference.

It’s almost as if the playerMesh object is not readable or something.

What am I doing wrong here?


Your playerMesh.rotation is never set for the shark.

(Maybe parent it to a transformNode)

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Thanks so much!

I updated the demo here:

I had to swap forward and backward for it to work. And also rotate the transformNode AND playerMesh. I don’t really understand why. But it works!

If there is a more elegant way to use the transformNode, or maybe a way that makes more sense, please show me :slight_smile: All help appreciated!

I’ve been using something more like

var x=playerSpeed*CoT.forward.x;
var z=playerSpeed*CoT.forward.z;

In place of

var x=playerSpeed*parseFloat(Math.sin(CoT.rotation.y));
var z=playerSpeed*parseFloat(Math.cos(CoT.rotation.y));

Since the info is there. TransformNode - Babylon.js Documentation

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Ahhh, that’s fantastic. I was confused with my own “forwards” variable that I set for a moment, but “forward” is actually a property of the transformNode, and it takes care of that pesky trigonometry! I knew there had to be an easy way to do this. Thanks :sweat_smile:

I improved the third-person shark adventure here:

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Hah, shiny!

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