A Merry Christmas from gryff :)

Well, it is that time of year again so here is my old demo, originally from the Christmas of 2015.

A Christmas Card

I changed it in 2017 adding the SPS effects (smoke from chimneys) . It is now running with the babylon script call :


So although it is old, it is as @Deltakosh says :

"Backward compatible (no need to spend ages on every release to port your code) "

Or port your 3D models. Maybe one day it will break, but right now it runs quite happily.

Have a merry and happy Christmas all, and think of the kids.

Stay Safe All, gryff :slight_smile:


Thanks buddy! I love that period of time when we start disconnecting for Christmas!


Awwww, that’s the loveliest Christmas card :heart: The feeling behind it is beautiful!

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@carolhmj : TY for those kind words. Christmas always brings back thoughts of Christmas past in my memories. Especially of young children and sparkling eyes. I remember having to go to a hospital on Christmas Eve to see my wife and taking my young daughter along. As we walked the halls we ran into a small gentleman who delivered newspapers around the hospital. He was dressed as an elf - will never forget my daughter’s reaction - she could not believe she was seeing one of Santa’s helpers!!

@Deltakosh : I don’t know about “disconnecting” - It seems to connect me more with my family. This year, I have two grandchildren who are anticipating excitedly the Christmas festivities - one of whom will be doling out the presents from under the tree.

Stay Safe, and Merry Christmas to everybody including all the Babylon crew, gryff :slight_smile: