A question on UV

I have a babylon model and its texture files (images created after baking) in a folder. If I re-size all the images in that folder (for example half of their original size ie. 50% of original with and 50% of original height), will the textures be rendered property or akward?

Thanks in advance

They will lose resolution, but if you scaled it by 50% you will be ok.

We do not need to be super away for power of 2 textures anymore.

Standard texture size usually is 512x512. Anything larger unless you need high resolution is overkill. Depending on your aesthetic style you are shooting for you can get away with 256 and less…

The UV operates as a look up reference, so scale of the texture does not matter unless you change the ratios.

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Is there any restriction on the size of the texture based on the underlying hardware? Does all the devices support all texture sizes?

webGL one stick to power of 2 textures.

other then that you are pretty free, I believe unless someone has some other information.

As you go up in size compilation time goes up unless you skip the MIPMAPPING process.

(Don’t quote me on this stuff)