A thought on… "just another day in paradise"

Hello there my fellow BJS friends and family,

It’s been a while I haven’t posted a new episode of my 'A thought…" topic serie on this forum.

As BJS milestone v5 is about to reach its orbit; As spring is slowly coming to our latitude (in Europe) on this ‘sunny at my place’ sunday; As I’m again struggling to bring just another oversized for my skills and (personal) resources project to BJS, with the creation of ‘project space museum’ for the official launch of BJS v5, I was just thinking…

Aren’t we both lucky and responsible to have and maintain such a beautiful digital ecosystem and framework as BJS and the BJS community? Simply look at the posts and answers over all these years and feel it… Feel the empathy for newcomers; Feel the creativity and design thinking of the PG demos thread, Feel the skills and the desire to contribute so that we can all become better devs, better designers and more importantly, better humans…Feel the way people can freely exchange, nurture, support… with just so much love and enthousiasm.

As version 5 is now on the edge of becoming (what I believe to be) one major milestone in the history of BJS and webGL, WE have to account for the blessing of being here and being part of it. At the same time, in this troubled times in the human history (both in the real world and the digital), it’s also our responsibility to maintain this ecosystem, this relation and this digital culture.

On this sunny at my place Sunday morning, I’m making the wish that the story will continue; That we will be able to overcome all odds and Keep with our digital culture and tenants, All thanks to the fact that, together, we are strong; We are a family and most importantly We have a purpose: Bringing the best of a digital relation and virtual reality to our family, friends and clients.

Happy BJSying Everyone and let us make Spring 2022 one of the highest moment in the history of one’s digital relation.

Take care, stay safe and never let down,
Cheers Everyone,


you smoking something sunny … :laughing:

ps… there is this place , on the other side of the globe , where all the seasons are opposite , maybe you have heard of it, the southern hemisphere?

You post only accounts to readers in the northern hemisphere.

just saying :wink:

Good onya :wink:
Well, whenever the faen OZ healthcare gov lets me go back to my winter/summer retreat in Byron Bay :palm_tree: that’s been on for 3 decades and also visit my falmily in MEL (hopefully next year)… And meanwhile, I wish you all Guys downunder a great 2022 automn and upcoming winter season :snowflake:

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I share your feelings! The biggest success of Babylon.js is our community. Everyone can write code but it is not an easy task to do it with friends!

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