Crazy Idea : Web 3D Demo Scene

Web 3D Demo Scene … this sounds great, doesn’t it


Well, from this @Deltakosh 's story a weird idea came to my mind …

We could launch the 3D Web Demo Scene (at least on the forum or on a small site next to it ), a bit like in the days of @RaananW 's theme contests.
But simpler: no theme, just one or two dead-lines per year being the show date(s), not more, time for participants to make a nice demo, like mid-December or/and mid-June.
Everything would be done online.
The lone rule : the demo must 3D in the browser, whatever the engine, or even none for GLSL experts.
It may be interactive or not, running only in the mobile or not, for VR only or not, even CSS 3D is accepted, you can do it alone, by teams, whatever … those are just details about categories, it doesn’t matter. Just code nice stuff in 3D in the browser !

Well, a friendly competition evaluated by the Internet users :slight_smile:

The prizes would be symbolic: some BJS goodies maybe, but above all a strong display on the forum, on the BJS website and on the BJS youtube channel.
There would even be a certain Deltakosh in person who would present the winning demos in the video : the effect of recognition by the creator of the framework himself of one’s own demo is a powerful motivation of participation and creation.

I’m convinced this could really attract new talented people to BJS or simply to 3D for Web and this could allow us to discover many fantastic productions that we can hardly imagine at this time.

And I just like demos :wink:


I’m all in! We can demonstrate the winner project on Babylon.js Youtube channel and we can definitely offer teeshirts for the winner :slight_smile:


Super fun idea! A friendly Babylon.js competition has come up in the past as well. We should totally do it!

A random idea: this could be a fun thing to do as a part of the upcoming 4.1 release. Like a 2 week competition to create something with Babylon.js 4.1? It might limit the scope a little bit to focus on Babylon, but could still be fun? Thoughts?

I really love the idea of a competition for sure! It’s fantastic…and with a chance for the winning entries to have their work showcased in some way would be awesome as well!

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@Deltakosh t-shirts are a great motivator! Especially BABYLON “merch”. : )

And thank you for ORIGIN~STORY - it is a great story. Commodor64 for me.

You know about js13k

I’ve never checked it out. But it SEEMS popular.

So BABYLON Challenges are a VERY Cool idea @jerome!



Babylon.js 3DWeb Challenge!

@aFalcon - Sounds like an awesome name for such an event!

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:pray: cool.

“Babylon.js 3DWeb Challenge”

@jerome your idea for a “SCENE”, gives great THEMES:

@PirateJC - you were part of js13k!?! Just noticed. Cool! : )


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Yup js13k games was a blast! @sebavan and I had the awesome privilege of being judges for the MR category! Super fun!


I was more thinking about something focused on 3D Web (using BJS, 3JS or whatever), not only BJS. Knowing this challenge could attract new talented people to BJS :wink: is great but it’s about games only.
My idea was more something about demos.

What is a demo ? it’s a piece of code showing as well 3D performances, but also its author’s art, creativity or originality. It differs from a game, although it can be interactive like a game, because there’s no goal, no start, no score, no gameplay… just beauty, creativity or performance.

If people want to do nice demos, they need time and freedom.
That’s why I initially imagined that there were no mandatory themes and not many dates (so delays) in the year.
A single yearly date could allow people to create / improve / submit / get feedbacks about their productions quietly along the year until a vote period is opened, say, one month before the show.
This would maybe require a dedicated site where people could upload/publish their demos and get user feedbacks, then once deposits are closed, a feature to able user votes.
Not sure I’m very clear …

Or everything can already be done in this forum. But I’m afraid that only BJS users would participate and there’s no real centralized site, except the PG (so BJS only), where to publish the demos. Maybe a dedicated side apart subscription to something like could help (thinking out loud…) No idea.

BTW : about OfficeGames, I had to give up, because no time to run this project alone.

let’s poke Mr Doob also ?

Understand your concept and how it would bring a range of 3D creators to Babylon.js I love it :smiley:

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Who will the judges be? Im concerned that if it isnt BJS only participants might think there is some bias. The benefit of using the contest to promote the latest version on BJS might be lost too.

Edit: if it is ooen to all frameworks, it is important to have a diversity of judges.

If I understand it correctly the people visiting the site would vote for their favourite(s) so no panel of judges.

The main issue is who would set up such a site and maintain it, which is why, I think, @jerome titled it a crazy idea.

The site would present only demos, not framework. Maybe somewhere in the details of each demo, the tools used to make it could be written.
But the site and the competition should focus on demos. Not on frameworks.

Only then interested people would give a try to BJS (or 3JS), meet the communities and join them eventually.

I could possibly write the site, if we can reach a simple enough spec that won’t make it too big to implement. Making it BJS only could make it easier, since the PG could be used both as an editor and as storage. Does it have embedding? I couldn’t find anything, but I suppose that it wouldn’t be too hard to write support for it and to use it in an iframe. I guess we could support jsfiddle or another similar service for non BJS code as well.

I sure could use help from a designer. I won’t be a moderator though once it’s online.

Perhaps the webserver could be used to host it? I’d use PHP with some standard framework as the backend, and open source the code, of course.

My suggestion: front page with latest and best voted demos. A single page for each demo, with information about the author, a short description, perhaps tags, a screenshot. A like button. Simple user login, oAuth if possible. The Themes idea from @aFalcon and @jerome seems interesting, perhaps we could have contests.

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Could we start with it on this forum (as creative-content /project) with external links?

Then if popular, it can grow over time.

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yep, but we won’t get the other (non-BJS) demoers

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When the contests of @RaananW were first announced I was initially ambivalent, but as someone who participated in those contests, now I have additional thoughts (reservations?) that I outline below.

  1. Six months ? I think the original was three month. Is six months necessary?

  2. Themes? I’m not sure what the consensus is above. Do we have themes or not?

@jerome suggests above :

simpler: no theme, just one or two dead-lines per year

while @aFalcon did suggest a list of possible themes (which now seems to have disappeared). I just wonder about 6 programmer demos and just one from someone like me (not exactly a programmer :upside_down_face: ) ) more a story teller. How are judges chosen? As Blender 2.8x advances (2.82 already in alpha), will people get left out?

Not everyone works as a team - some of us are just old timers trying to be creative.

Then I see @jerome 's comment

What is a demo ? it’s a piece of code showing as well 3D performances, but also its author’s art, creativity or originality. It differs from a game, although it can be interactive like a game, because there’s no goal, no start, no score, no gameplay… just beauty, creativity or performance.

So just a piece of code that provides a variation on previous code , with the type of device used to be not relevant? ( I have no cell phone or touchscreen device, and always work with a desktop PC - a dying breed?.)

And finally, for now, this forum has a “Demo & Projects” section which is described as :

Use this forum to showcase your work. If it is either a nice playground or a whole website you have created with Babylon.js, we want to see it!

although I see more questions are being posted on the section of the forum - including this one. Has this section of this forum lost its usefulness?

Not trying to sound negative - just my thoughts. Maybe it can be worked out.

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:


Lol. I am convinced by @jerome.

  • THEMES not necessary.

  • Keep it Simple.


We all work on different things, and we are short on TIME.


It is COOL to see what people create, celebrate HARD WORK, and give RECOGNITION.

So, great idea, we just need to sort out LOGISTICS.


How can Web 3D Demo Scene be AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE?

How would we do this EASILY?

What if:

  1. @jerome creates a new “Demos and project” thread called:

    • BABYLON~CHALLENGE~2020” OR “3D Demo Scene

    • IMPORTANT: we VOTE on the name (in this thread).

  2. Then, anytime in 2020, people post entries.


    • whatever else. It’s a forum.

    • NO DEADLINES necessary, if…

  3. @Deltakosh decides. When and who to give t-shirts to, 2020.

    • when it is BEST for DK. And when he has T-Shirts!
  4. Delta’s~CHOICE~Award:grin:

    • the final award. Sounds cool.

    • we could VOTE for OTHER AWARDS like:


      • win by most hearts OR secret DM ballots. Either or BOTH.

      • Honorable~Mention~AWARDS” (for fun and recognition).

        • best Shader

        • most MATHEMATIC

        • best dizzy effect!!! : )

        • best MUSIC integration.

        • best MOBILE integration

        • MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED!!! :joy:

        • most confusing, surprising, creative, colorful.

        • most terrifying, etc.

      • it can be anything.

Lol. Keep it simple. :rocket:

What do you think? Will it work?

What is your VOTE?


You know I am all for it.

I always wanted the community to be more engaged, and this is why I started those “competitions” back then. It was also a nice way of showing a new functionality or a new module that was developed.

I am still for themes and not random scene, because then judgement is subjective. You need to say what is being judged, otherwise you won’t have a true competition.

On the other hand, i will be really happy to see any scene and admire what the great people here are doing.

So if anyone needs my help, I will be more than happy to provide it, and I will participate for sure.

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Well… whatever the arrangements (themes or not, 3, 6 or 9 months delay, those are all details and could change from a session to another, the rules aren’t to be frozen forever), my idea was fundamentally to bring together people interested in 3D for the Web and to invite them to show their best art or ideas.

The “competition” is just an excuse to gather them in a same place and same date with the best of their ideas :blush: