Still Playing with BJS

As always enjoying BJS, easy and intuitive, it is certainly the funniest language I have ever worked with.

Fortunately I start a big project designing an interactive “Metaverse” for a client.

Something curious is that the Metaverse world is in fashion, I honestly think that nobody is clear about the concept and I see this project simply as an online multiplayer video game.

But hey, if that’s how I get a new project, welcome be the Metaverse

This is just a joke to share with colleagues:

Dancing Metaverse


I love it !!! this is pretty pretty pretty !!! cc @PirateJC

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Thank you very much @sebavan :vulcan_salute: :vulcan_salute: :vulcan_salute:

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So epic :smile:


Love the music choice :dancer:

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Ok this is seriously fun! I love it!

@DRLeria are you on twitter?

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Thanks like always Mr. Pirate :raised_hands:
Yes, this is my Twitter: @ViseniDesign

I leaned into the “Metaverse as a trend” joke a little bit on this one. LOL Sorry for the cheekiness.


So do I. @DRLeria Any potential authoring rights issues with it? It looks like there is no mention for it in your demo. Just asking since it has been twitted by @PirateJC
Else, great demo. Very enjoyable and engaging :heart_eyes:

Edit: Forgot to ask. Any plans for having the user choose the move on button click (like a guitar hero sort of thing) where you could make your own choregraphy. And then record it and share it? That would be awesome, wouldn’t it?


Oops, you’re right.
This exercise is a joke to “celebrate” with my partners the Metaverse project that we have signed.
To avoid problems I’ll use a licensed library music.
Thank you very much for your comment :vulcan_salute:

Thanks Big Pirate :raised_hands:
Meta - Meta - Metaverse everywhere

Now to work on the project.
BJS FullEquip.
I will keep you informed :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


Thst is so great! It really cheered me up after long hours of trying to get something to work. Really great!