A word in 3D using an assemby of geometric forms proposed by babyloneJS

Hello everyone I need to create a word in 3D by assemby of geometric forms proposed by babyloneJS like cube…
Does someone have a simple idea on how to do that without using mesh writer.
Thanks in advance!

Hi and Welcome to the community,
Not sure I understand your question correctly. You mean primitives, do you?
They are in-built shapes (or set shapes) and they are called with BABYLON.MeshBuilder (not the writer).
For a start, I suggest you take a tour of this part of the doc
On the other hand, if your question was different, please enhance it with some details and post it here.
We’ll be happy to help…

Edit: Apologies. I did read ‘create a world’ instead of ‘word’ (LOL).
Well, to do that, you would likely need to define a number of points to form your letters. Next you would use this points to spawn your shapes. But there are many other ways I believe. Would you happen to have an example (pict) of the desired result?

yes I mean primitives, and I have to do an assembly of this built shapes in order to create letters in 3D , but I don’t know how to do that.

You could use the Polygon Mesh Builder | Babylon.js Documentation (babylonjs.com) maybe?

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