About animasion .json file and .bin file

** Greetings**

I am learning to use babylon and I’m having a problem:

I got multiple .glb model files from other sites, as well as json files and bin files about animations.
This json file and bin file should be able to be applied to multiple glb models.
But I don’t know how I should use it now.

The json file looks like this:

  "type": "Animations",
  "version": "0.0.1",
  "bufferLength": 5100,
  "animations": [
      "target": "HipsBone",
      "animations":  {
        "translate": {
          "stride": 3,
          "components": ["x", "y", "z"],
          "frameLength": 85,
          "source": { "type": "Float32Array", "length": 255, "offset": 0 },
          "keyTime": {
            "0": 0,
            "1": 0,
            "2": 0,
            "3": 0.03333330154418945,
            "4": 0.03333330154418945,
            "5": 0.03333330154418945,

Now I want to know if I can use this json file for the glb model and play the animation.


Where does the animation file come from?

It doesn’t appear to be a glb/gltf file, and it’s not a .babylon file, so you won’t be able to use it in Babylon. If you know which software generated them, you may be able to find a converter for these files.

Sorry, I am not sure what software is used to generate these files, I just fetched these files from other sites.
And thank you.