About Mobile Touch Gesture

Hello, I have a question about touch gestures on mobile.

Now I am using ArcRotateCamera. By default, if I use just one finger, I can rotate the camera. And if I use two fingers, I can rotate, zoom and pan(but no sensitive) the scene. My Question is that is it possible I can change the setting for number of finger touch. I want one finger for panning only, and two fingers for zooming and rotating. (similar to google map.)

I’ve read the article about custom camera input ( Customizing Camera Inputs | Babylon.js Documentation ), and also some relavent issue. However I still have no idea how to acheive that…

You have to rewrite your own input actually (based on the official one here: Babylon.js/arcRotateCameraPointersInput.ts at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (github.com))

Of course this one is really rich but maybe you want to simply switch the tests so that rotate and zoom are on one finger instead of two