Access gltf tags of a Blender file

Hello, friends!
Exported a GlTF file from Blender along with tags.

How do I access tags to manipulate meshes? I wanted meshes with a hide tag to not show up in the scene. I made a small example, it shows that there are no tags in my file at all.

While, custom properties for the JSON / .babylon exporter are indeed custom, I think they more had in mind things added to the Custom Properties section.


That of course does not answer your question of access, but you first need to make sure they are on the file to begin with. It looks like it might part of the long list of extensions added till the next version of the format comes out. In that case, the answer could be “we do not support that yet”, but I’ll let someone else tell you that.

@JCPalmer thanks for the answer

I looked at my file with a Notepad++ and there are tags

Now I tried it. If you uncheck the “Custom Properties” checkbox during export, there will be no tags.