Add custom Outfits to the Rigged avatar


We have rigged fullbody avatar for which we need shirt/trouser outfits formals and casuals

@sketchfab i could find some outfits but i do not know how to fit to my avatar.

pls suggest some way of taking it forward


Unfortunately it won t be as simple, you will probably need to re rig them in a 3d tool. Adding @PatrickRyan for confirmation:-)

Thanks Sebavan for the update…

Assuming all the avatars will be in same manner/position is there any tool/api which will re-rig the dress outfits to the avatar.


@vijay_krishna you will need to bring any outfit meshes you want to use with your avatar into the file with your skeleton and skin them to your skeleton. This would be easiest in whatever DCC tool you used to create and rig the avatar (Blender, Maya, Max, Modo, etc). The reason is that each mesh needs a unique skin weights mapping to the skeleton that is driving your avatar.

Unfortunately, there’s not really a way to shortcut this process because the skin weights are per vertex and unless you have multiple meshes with the same triangle list, you won’t be able to easily transfer weights from one mesh to another without the need for cleanup.

The good news is that once you have skin weight information for a mesh, it can be used with any avatar using the same skeleton (it must be identical down to joint names and hierarchy). So as long as your avatars are sharing similar skeletons, you can use the outfit meshes on any of them.


Thanks patrick…

Regarding the point

The good news is that once you have skin weight information for a mesh

Assuming same skin weights for all Rigged avatars, we r looking for some predefined outfits
which will fit for all our avatars like Ready Player approach

Could u pls suggest some approach or API to add this outfits to our Rigged avatars


@vijay_krishna, like I mentioned above, there is no easy or automated way to add meshes into the library of “attachments” for your avatars. Each attachment (hat, shirt, dress, etc.) will need to be skinned to your specific skeleton. The only way around this is to create your avatar with an off the shelf skeleton rig that has a library of attachments already skinned to it. There may be something like this out there, but I am not familiar with a library like this.

In the sample site you linked, they have basically two avatars (from a quick look through the options) one presenting male and one presenting female. It doesn’t matter what combination of head/facial features/skin tone is chosen, the body types are the same. This means that they can skin all attachments for each of the avatar types once and then be able to hot swap the mesh and have the deformation of the attachment match the deformation of the avatar from the loaded pose. But their library of attachments are all skinned to their skeleton, and unless your skeleton is exactly the same from number of joints to the particular joint names, you won’t be able to reuse skinning information from attachments from other libraries.

got it…That was very clear

Thanks patrick

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