Add Object "Stl" to scene 64Encode

Hello there,

I tried to add object type “Stl” to Scene using(64Encode string) , but always it fail:

var base64_model_content = "data:base64,................";
BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append("", base64_model_content, scene, function(scene){});

Error Message: Unable to load from “data:64encode,…”

I found this playground, which seems similar to your approach, one difference being in line 20, not sure if changing your line from “data:64encode,…” to “data:64,…” also would make it work as it does in the playground example :

var base64_model_content = "data:64,
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Hello there :

thnks for reply : when i tried the same 64Encoded string in that example it work perfectly , when i used my stl file (64Encode) it fail , i tried many files with same result , so i suspected that the engine not support stl 64Encode .

Could you share a repro in the playground ? it will help us addressing the issue