Add or delete some points of PointsCloudSystem

I had create a PointsCloudSystem, i want to use some new points instead of the old mesh.

pointsCloudSystem.mesh.dispose(); pointsCloudSystem.addPoints(...);
it is wrong…

pointsCloudSystem.dispose(); new PointsCloudSystem(...); pointsCloudSystem.addPoints(...);
it is good

i am not sure i should create a new PointsCloudSystem, then use the addPoints method? Can I just use the same PointsCloudSystem Object?

Hi @KevinDotW and welcome to the forum

You can call addPoints many time and then ball buildMeshAsync to get the mesh updated like in this PG:

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Hi @KevinDotW welcolme to the community.

PCS has a number of limitations.

There is no method to delete points.

You create the PCS, then add points to the PCS as per available methods, then create the mesh using these points. Once the mesh is created you cannot add points to the mesh. You can add to the pcs and create a new mesh.

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thanks! I will have a try

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thanks a lot for your help!!