Added an object to the gltf model as a child node and how set the object texture

I added an object to the gltf model as a child node and set the object texture.There is a problem with the picture display. After searching in the forum, set inverty to false

const myDynamicTexture = new Texture(src, scene,false, false)

Now some pictures are normal and some are abnormal. I don’t know how to deal with them
Find three JS has these materials

GLTFLoader will automatically configure textures referenced from a .gltf or .glb file correctly, with the assumption that the renderer is set up as shown above. When loading textures externally (e.g., using TextureLoader) and applying them to a glTF model, colorspace and orientation must be given:

`// If texture is used for color information, set colorspace.
texture.encoding = THREE.sRGBEncoding;

// UVs use the convention that (0, 0) corresponds to the upper left corner of a texture.
texture.flipY = false;`

What should I do in babylonjs

In addition, and I also found problems using

scene. useRightHandedSystem=true;

const myDynamicTexture = new Texture(src, scene,false, false)

All pictures are displayed normally, but gltf’s checkcollisions run incorrectly

invertY does the same thing as flipY on Three.
@sebavan @Deltakosh about the encoding, is there a way to set the colorspace of a texture?
About the useRightHandedSystem, which version are you using? There was a recent fix with collisions on a right handed scene: Fix camera collisions for RHS scenes with GLTF models by carolhmj · Pull Request #11707 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (

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there is a useSRGBBuffer in the texture creation options and invertY should do the trick.


i use @babylonjs/core 4.2.0

After I used inverty, only some pictures are displayed normally, and some pictures are not displayed normally, and I can’t find the reason for the abnormal display
If it is not displayed normally, it looks like a flip along one (x or Z) coordinate

I now try to solve the problem of adding self elements to gltf in this way.

It can also achieve the effect of converting gltf local coordinates into world coordinates, and then creating elements

Hello @qqqzhch just checking in, do you still have any issues?