Additive Scene Management?

Does BabylonJS support Additive Scene Management? SceneLoader.Append seems to do half the job by loading in items to an existing scene. But what about unloading?

Think of a house with multiple rooms. I can see the room I’m in (bedroom), part of the hallway, and another room. If I step in to the hallway, there are now multiple rooms I could step in to, so they would all need to be loaded. Now I walk in to the living room and can no longer see the bedroom I was in. Is it possible to unload that room?

Unity calls this Additive Scene Management. Example: Additive Scene Manager: Intro - YouTube (5 min)
Unreal calls this Level Streaming. Example: WTF Is? Level Streaming in Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube (5 min)
Does BabylonJS have an equivalent?

I believe that AssetContainers could be used for this purpose - Asset Containers | Babylon.js Documentation