Advice: Micro-Contracting and/or Metaverse Feature Building Work

Hi All,

I have a question about moving into babylonjs dev work.

I’m a long time artist and creative coder (

I’ve done two “R&D” fellowships/contracts, one with Buzzfeed and one with a VR company (About — △Ark ,

I’m curious about finding more consistent work in this space, but not full time work.

Do y’all know if there is a way to do “mini-contracts” (like a part of a product, rather than delivering a whole product? so kind of like a coding apprenticeship) and/or do you know if there is such a thing as an internship in the webxrVR metaverse building space? (much but not all of the metaverse is being built in threejs).

I’m currently slowly building a “metaverse toolkit” through my babylonjs VR hack knights, which I’m sure y’all are familiar with.

Curious about thoughts/ideas/opinions re: above.

My understanding is that the two most metaverse-like babylonjs worlds are currently: cryptovoxels and frame. Are there any others?


Hi @saitogroup , I think we may have touched base a while back but let’s catch up. It’s Gabe from Frame. :slight_smile:

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To answer your question on “are there others?” I’d say yes, but not existing yet exactly.

We’re developing a WebXR client & SDK that will connect to Vircadia virtual world servers. All of this is being done as Apache 2.0.

My point about not existing yet exactly is we’ve started work this month on the project, however haven’t begun on the Babylon.JS aspect as of yet. We’ve gotten the UI started with Vue and Quasar. The SDK is also being bootstrapped in parallel.

The idea is we have an SDK to hold most of the functionality specific to scripting, networking, etc. and have the client just be an implementation built to take advantage of it.

In this case this client is made with Vue + Quasar, and Babylon.JS.

Another client using the same SDK could maybe use React and Three instead of Vue and Babylon.

Ultimately, this union of a server, client, and SDK comes together to form a full ecosystem. I hope the modularity of it all will help people adopt it for their use cases more easily. After all, with open source… The more people that use it, the better!

Re: your ask about fulltime work…

The real trick I think is 1. Getting money in place to disburse and 2. Finding a chunk of work that’s a fit for someone who’s coming in blind…

It’s sometimes hard to have those two things line up in the same time period. But, I reckon as things grow it will become more common.

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Yeah, I do that stuff all the time. You just gotta put yourself out there. This is a good first step. Closed mouths don’t get fed.


Can you talk about the ways a beginner could/should step slowly into this kind of work? so e.g., is there a way to kind of slowly start on easier difficulty micro-tasks and work your way up?

Hi again! Yes, I’ll message you! We did chat before.

Looks like you already got a lead, Id recommend following up on that and see where it brings you. Then repeat the process you did to get that lead.

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