Where to look to find a job as a babylonjs developer

Any suggestions? Ideally a junior dev job building out babylonjs stuff would be excellent (if it was in VR, that’d be superb). Do people just suggest looking at linkedin and searching babylonjs? Not contract, more full time-y.

This is a good place and I think some of us are on LinkedIn.

Sometimes if you know what you are specifically looking for we can tag some people in the forum to check it out.

LinkedIn, UpWork as well

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Cool, yeah, I guess I’m a babylonjs n00b (coming from threejs), but I’m learning every day (and doing a bit of XR); so, finding some kind of work opportunity where I can continue to learn babylon would be amazing. The only kind of ongoing babylon project I’ve seen is the cryptovoxels project. I guess I’m looking for ongoing projects where they made be steady day in day out work, where I can come in as a junior position, contribute and train up, regularly.

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Having spent more time here, I now know that I’m looking for (ideally consistent) contract game/experience design work in babylonjsVR. (I’m currently looking at the cryptovoxels project…).

we (bjs team) are also working with freelancers sometimes to help. You should contact @thomlucc


Just wrote him! Thanks!