Alignment MeshButton3D to do User Interface?

I try to do an User Interface with MeshButton3D, but I don’t know how to align on the left Mesh Button when I change the size of the viewport.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Hello! you can use the Vector3.Project function to get the coordinates of the pixel at (0,0) and then move your meshes there (not tested but it worked in my head :smiley: )

Hi David,

I tried to do that with Vector3.Project function but without success because my head doesn’t work as well as you :frowning:
I’m still not very good with the code a bit advanced, but I’m progressing:

So thanks for helping out in the playground.

This is really good!! Congrats!

I opted for an HTML user interface instead, it makes more sense, and not necessarily harder to set up. Thank you @Vinc3r for your help.