Altering HolographicButton

Is there a way to change the default holographic button? I have been able to find very limited resources. These are the changes I am looking for:

Change the color of the entire button. (not just text color, content)
ImageUrl does not cover the entire surface and changing the ratio at all makes it disappear.
Add a mat/texture to the button

Please Help!

Hello and welcome!

The HolographicButton is meant to be the same as in the Mixed Reality Toolkit.

You can still control all materials used to render it:

You can even change the materials by your own if you want to ;D

Thank you for this question, answer and for the playground demo.
Here is my comment: Believe it or not, I’ve spent 2 hours trying to fix this topic. After 8 months of studying the new and improved babylon.js framework and the philosophy, I just knew there was a VERY SIMPLE way to do just that! But then, from my researches in the site, docs and playground… Well, let’s just say I was minutes away from creating a custom control with affectMaterial… to do just that (=change the back mesh color). And then, may be not just because I’m essentially a designer with only average coding and engineering skills. You know, I don’t know enough about three.js at this time, but I have the feeling that it would need something like this to make it work(?)

Anyways, I believe babylon.js is now a mature framework for WebGL, with its truly UNIQUE advantages over the alternative: The simplicity of code and straight forward approach. I could only suggest to make better use of this advantage in your com and resources for creatives and eng. As I’m about to release my project/demo resulting from my 8 months designer approach of a webGL project, I found this interesting publication posted recently:
I’m quite in line with the content and conclusion of this article.
Last but not least: Thank you Babylon.js creators, admins and contributors ! I think you’re doing a smashing job and I have no doubts that WebGL and your unique approach will shortly become a standard for enhanced web coms and consumer’ interactions.

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adding @PirateJC who is driving our com :slight_smile:

@mawa - First, welcome to the Babylon family, it’s awesome to have you here!

Second, thanks so much for the kind words. There is an incredible community of people behind this platform that bring it to life and make it as powerful, beautiful, and simple as it is. The entire community pours their hearts, passion, and skills into making this the best platform that we can, so your words and acknowledgement of that are truly meaningful to all!

That said, our work is NOT done, we have a lot more to do! Tons of awesome ideas to make Babylon better and better and help more people discover it. If there is ever ANYTHING that you think we can be doing better, please do not hesitate to speak up! Your voice matters and we are listening!

Thank you for your prompt reply to what was supposed to be just a simple comment (and a comment to a topic that is already over 1Y old:) and thank you for your warm welcoming. This only reinforces my understanding of who you are and what you’re trying to achieve. Be assured that I’m already committed to this same goal, also using your method/approach.

Here’s a screenshot with my ‘twisted’ holo button integration:) in the scene/project (to hopefully arrive shortly with the tagline ‘Winter is coming’… and it wouldn’t be too good to announce winter in December, would it?:wink: I still have a lot to do and I thank you again for your support. Have a bright day :sunglasses:


“Winter is Coming!” LOL Love it!

This looks awesome!