Animated Gifs in Babylon

If there is an easy way to create a PG that has gifuct in it, I’m happy to do that. Been trying all day with skypack and running into issues with how gifuct is packaged. Also tried codepen and didn’t get much further.

@ericwood73 I have added the transparency support in the repo Supports Gif disposal type · sebavan/BabylonjsAnimatedGifSample@0fca7a9 · GitHub


Thanks. After applying your changes, I’m still seeing the ghosting but now I’m also seeing all textures on all meshes flash with each update. It looks like it is clearing the color buffer for the entire scene and the redrawing the previous frame. Is there something different I need to do in 4.2.1?

Nevermind. I found it. I forgot to change this._renderTarget.texture to this._texture in the clear section. Thank you so much for the quick response and the solution!

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@sebavan If I want to update a texture on a mesh with image frames (e.g. from video capture) is this the best way to do it from a performance perspective versus just setting the diffuse texture on a material for each frame? Note I can’t use VideoTexture, because the video frames are being streamed from the server.

I would recommend a Texture only and updating every frame with your new content if you do not need some different offsets every frames.

@sebavan Testing with BabylonJS 5 and my animated gifs are wonky. I can’t make a PG, since I can’t include gifuct, but I made a video

. As you can see the gif is flickering. The rate of flickering changes as I rescale the window. Sometimes it stops but then the entire gif will disappear for a period of time. Another issue is that the texture is rendering full screen on the camera rather than on my mesh (the bounding box for which is shown in blue). If I zoom the camera in and out, the gif doesn’t scale so it seems to be rendering as a full screen overlay. Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?

can you try updated the code to the latest version of the animated gif repo ?

I can not see why it would not work if not I d need a tiny github repro if possible ?

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I updated to the latest in your repro and it worked. Odd because I can’t find anything different between my edits and the latest, but in any case it is working great now. Thanks again.