Repeat texture frame from sprite sheet?


I have a sprite sheet, with 64 frames, these frames are small, so placing it on a big wall would show a very big pixelated brick. How can I save this frame, and scale it so that this “wall” has bricks next to each other everywhere? with uScale,vScale, the other frames will show up as well :frowning:

Basic idea:

Performance is really important because I have an animation sprite sheet, which runs at 32fps, so basically I’m changing the frames from a spritesheet 32 times a second.

I dont know if Babylon.js has a feature already implemented (i didn’t found anything even though I searched almost everywhere :frowning: ). Thank you for your answer in advance!

We do have the concept of a spritemap, you can read about it here:

Does thishelp?

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Yes!!! exactly! i dont know how i didn’t found this sooner, thank you!

And… is there a way to just put this in as a texture? like wall.material.albedoTexture = background.texture?