Animation Curve Editor and playback animation from json format

Hey, babylon developers,

I checked the following articles and knows about Animation Curve Editor (ACE).

Unleash your animations with ACE. ACE stands for Animation Curve Editor… | by Babylon.js | Medium

I saw a potential for it, then I’ve done the two things.

(1) Introduce ACE in my blog post (currently Japanese only)

【2021/8/29 json読み込みサンプルコードを追記】Babylon.jsのInspector上からアニメーションを作成できるAnimation Curve Editorの使い方をまとめました - CrossRoad (

(2) playback animation from json texts generated from ACE

As far as I know, current ACE can generate animation files as a json format, but no information regarding how to load json format files.

The following playground shows a simple example of loading json texts and playback animations.

Loading json file generated by ACE and beginAnimation | Babylon.js Playground (

Hope it would be helpful for you.


@PirateJC might be cool to add in the doc?

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Yes, please! AFAIK the ACE is not/is poorly represented in the docs. A great resource

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all @PirateJC fault!!!


Thanks a ton! We will improve the doc for 5.0:)


He’s been busy living the pirates life, looting, pillaging, you know - pirating! :laughing:

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@Limes2018 This is awesome! Thank you so much for calling this out and giving us some examples!

It’s on my plate to write up some documentation for ACE, so this will definitely help! You rock! Thank you!


@sebavan , @jelster , @Deltakosh , and @PirateJC

Thanks for reading it and heartful comments. I’m glad to hear that :slight_smile:

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