Announcing v4.0.0 Beta 1

Hey team!!
I’ve just published the beta 1 which officially close the alpha phase. We are now in the stabilization / documentation phase that will lead us to April 30th where we will officially ship 4.0 (And then start working on 4.1 :slight_smile: )

If you have any issues or bugs reports please start a thread in this forum

Thanks all!!


A .d.ts file from a few days ago did have a couple errors in a project of mine. One was with Immutable, I think. Will get the beta one tomorrow.

BTW, what version is this being transpiled with?

We use TS 3.3.3

feel free to report here if the problem can be repro

From beta, I get this visual & transpile message:

src/references/babylon.d.ts(35,34): error TS1005: β€˜;’ expected.
src/references/babylon.d.ts(35,60): error TS1005: β€˜;’ expected.
src/references/babylon.d.ts(35,80): error TS1005: β€˜;’ expected.
src/references/babylon.d.ts(35,83): error TS1109: Expression expected.
src/references/babylon.d.ts(35,102): error TS1005: β€˜(’ expected.
src/references/babylon.d.ts(35,120): error TS1005: β€˜(’ expected.
src/references/babylon.d.ts(39,38): error TS1005: β€˜;’ expected.
src/references/babylon.d.ts(39,64): error TS1005: β€˜;’ expected.
src/references/babylon.d.ts(39,84): error TS1005: β€˜;’ expected.
src/references/babylon.d.ts(39,87): error TS1109: Expression expected.
src/references/babylon.d.ts(39,111): error TS1005: β€˜(’ expected.
src/references/babylon.d.ts(39,135): error TS1005: β€˜(’ expected.

using TS 2.7.2. The 2.8.x caused a problem a long time ago, so I froze it. Is this syntax that requires a higher version?

Yes this requires TS3+ :slight_smile:

Thanks for awesome work guys.

I also found some inconsistencies with the typings. In the meshBuilder, the typings for the scene Attribute is for some functions: Scene, for others Nullable Scene and for some even any. Is this a feature or a bug?

All should be Nullable of scene.
Can you create an issue on the repo? I’ll make sure to fix that

Is there a list of new features for 4.0 somewhere? Looking forward to it!’

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Looks sick, scheming intensifies

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ignore, made new topic per instructions