Anyone had any success getting V8 JIT working with Babylon React Native?

@bghgary We’ve been trying to compare the performance between JavaScriptCore, Hermes and V8 JIT with React Native 0.65 + Babylon React Native. It was easy enough comparing JSC and Hermes (results: although Hermes is now recommended for newer versions of React Native, we found it 5x slower for performance intensive tasks than JSC), but so far we’ve been unable to get V8 JIT working. It promises better performance but we haven’t been able to test it yet. There’s this closed issue Is V8 supported? · Issue #168 · BabylonJS/BabylonReactNative · GitHub indicating a possible incompatibility/conflict with react-native-v8 but I’m unsure how best to proceed with this.

Anyone had any success with V8 JIT?

I’m not aware of anyone succeeding with this yet unfortunately. It should be theoretically possible.

@bghgary thanks. Just as a follow-up, I understand that Babylon Native uses V8 internally regardless of the JS engine in use by React Native. Would there be a way for me to tap into / use that for more intensive (non React Native) tasks, or is that walled off / isolated to Babylon Native internal? Probably a silly question …

This isn’t true. Babylon Native will use whatever JS engine is currently being used. For Babylon React Native, it will use whatever React Native uses.

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Ah OK, my mistake. Thanks for the correction.

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