Getting started with Babylon React Native, a guide for Unity Developers

Hey all!

I’ve been working on this article on how to get started with Babylon React Native while coming from Unity and I’ve published it today! I hope it can be helpful for people who didn’t come from the ‘normal’ BabylonJS web → Babylon React Native pipeline

Let me know if you’ve got suggestions to add to it! Or if I got something wrong :smiley:


@Peter this is huge !!! I love this and @PirateJC this should be in our doc :wink:

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WOAH WOAH that’s INCREDIBLE! One of our biggest challenges here on the Babylon project is definitely the huge variety of backgrounds and prior knowledge that users can come from. We’re always trying to challenge our preconceptions, but it’s great to have our own community help us “fill in” those gaps, so to say. What can be obvious to a person can be a completely new concept to someone else, and we’re super proud of how the community comes together to educate each other with kindness. :slight_smile: No wonder we like what we do on the team, being a part of this community is SUPER rewarding. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And web especially is just full of some kinda “wild” concepts, especially because there are many ways of doing the same thing with different technologies (the build system, the UI library, etc…) so it feels like exploring a jungle sometimes :rofl: But it’s great when it finally comes together!


:smiley: Thanks guys! I’ve tried my best to keep it coherent and helpful, I wanted to add a lot more but that got a bit overwhelming. I’m totally open to any and all feedback, so don’t hold back on that front!

Great article. I’m not entirely sure that I agree with:

Now, this blindly adding of libraries comes with a bit of a security risk, something you wouldn’t normally have if you’re just using Unity and C#.

Nothing is stopping you in c# to use nuget to retrieve open source libraries that have vulnerabilities either - I know that last year they added CVE scanning. npm has had an audit feature since 2018 npm audit to generate a report on CVEs.

Not to get off topic, but good application security (Synk/veracode/etc.) do the vulnerability analysis and even on new CVE against production environments.

I programmed in c# for something like 15 years, so I’ve had to dissassemble binaries to check if they were safe - would much rather deal with a javascript dependency myself to be honest (even though they can nest dependencies pretty far…) :smile:

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Hi! That’s a great point, and a bit shortsighted on my part. Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll revise it :sweat_smile:

I changed it to:
“Now, this blindly adding of libraries can be a bit risky if you don’t know what exactly you’re adding.” I do want to leave the point in, even though there are comparable risks with Unity or C# in general, since I do think that if you’re just getting started, it’s not that hard to just install a bunch of stuff without really knowing what it all does.

it’s OK @Peter - you can leave it in - it’s a great article either way. One great thing about babylon libraries as well is the lack of external dependencies. For example, if you look at @babylonjs/core in their package.json there aren’t any. This means that all the source is right in one repo, so highly cool from a security perspective!! You can use lock files to pin versions - install your production environments from those versions in your CI environment.


Hi! I didn’t know that BabylonJs core didn’t have dependencies! That’s so cool :smiley:
Thanks again for your feedback on my article, I wouldn’t want to have something incorrect out there with my name on it :smiley: so I really appreciate that.

Hey @Peter this is very cool! would you have any interest in reusing some of this content for the Babylon.js documentation? It’d be awesome to leverage some of your learnings in the official docs.



Hi! Yes ofcourse! That would be an honor :smiley:

Do I submit a pull request somewhere? How does that work?

Free the unity devs!

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Awesome article!

Yup! You can submit a PR here:

I’d suggest putting it into the “Guided Learning” section!

You can include me as a reviewer! Excited to see this in the docs!