AR mode for Pico 4?


I am trying to use the AR mode of the WebXR toolbox. This works really nicely on my mobile phone, but when I use the pico 4 goggles, there is no icon to switch the webpage into immersed mode.
The VR mode works fine.

Any ideas hoe to fix this? Are there other browsers which also support AR on the pico 4?

What is also a bit strange is that the webpage in VR mode already reacts to the goggle orientation before explicitly switching by clicking on the goggle icon but the view is 90 degrees rotated and there is of course there is no immersion.

cc @RaananW our VR Expert.

The Pico 4 is, AFAIK a VR-only device (at least in WebXR). If immersive AR is not available, you will not have the goggles icon (and this is what you are experiencing). The oculus quest’s browser had to introduce AR mode in order to support passthrough scenes, i assume the same needs to be done with the Pico browser.

Thanks. That’s interesting. So maybe it will appear in some future updates then. The passthrough when you leave the playing area is actually quite good (e.g. you can just about read the mobile phone screen) and in color.

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