Pico4 cannot enter webxr mode correctly

@RaananW I have a problem. My pico4 device cannot enter webxr mode in my webxr project, but there is no problem when viewing the demo on the babylon official website. At the same time, there is no problem when my PC webxr simulator browses my webxr project. It’s me. Missing something?

Hello! Raanan is OOF for a very well deserved rest, so your question will take a little longer to be answered. Is there anything different about your project to the official demos? If you can provide a reproduction or Playground of it, it will be helpful.

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Accidently got a bit of time today to finish up a few things, and stumbled upon this :slight_smile:

If it works locally, and works on the emulator, it might be the fact that it is not served using https OR that your pico doesn’t support the type of session you are trying to load (vr vs. ar). Those would be my first 2 guesses. otherwise - would be great to check the logs and see what the error is, because it will be clearer then.

Happy New Year, I ignored the point of https that should not be ignored :<

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