Arc Rotate Camera Position

Dear Community
This an example of an arc rotate camera

How Can we place this camera to be initially showing the red box at the right as in my screenshot ( so the opposite of this position) , I tried to change every x position but no results showing

Any suggestion will be appreciated
Thank you

What arcRotateCamera shows is determined by angles, alpha, beta and the radius from a target point.

When you position the camera you are changing the alpha, beta and radius.

In your PG the camera is along the negative z axis to filp change to positive z axis


Thank you @JohnK for the fast response
I need an additional suggestion
I adjust my arc rotate camera on the positive coordinate,
I want to add a rotation slider to rotate the imported mesh left and right with 0 in the center position
But It seems that the right and left are not accurate with the slider , if I move the slider to the right , the imported mesh rotate to the left
Any Idea ?
Thank you

Just change the slider value as

        if (skull) {
            skull.rotation.y = value*(-1);

Example -